Update 1: Implementing the basics

Nothing much to report except that I am laying down the foundation for the game. You will start to see sprites and backgrounds change/evolve as I go along. Attached I have a Gameboy ROM that does almost nothing:

  1. Title screen
  2. A single scene where the main actor can move left/right and jump
  3. A Game Over screen

I am dabbling with the colors and customizing color palettes and jump gravity settings. For some reason in the default Platformer settings, the main player can jump really high. The "Gravity While Jumping" setting defaults to 512 (if memory serves). I updated this setting to 934, which makes things look and feel better.


cob-update-1.gb 128 kB
Apr 07, 2024

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Really digging the character sprite. Can't wait to see your updates and progress.


Thank you but I should admit that until I finish the general mechanics of the game, I may be modifying existing sprites. So, some may not be entirely my own. For instance, this character was taken and modified from an existing game: Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon.

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Oh, and I wanted to thank you. You and your project inspired me to post  mine and blog its progress. So, thank you for that.

EDIT: My hope is that it will inspire and motivate me to complete it.


That's ok!  I'm using free tilesets and my enemy sprites are from pokemon for now.  And glad I helped inspire you a bit.  Your reason is the EXACT reason I started documenting my progress a bit.  I wanted to share information in case other newbies got stuck, but more selfishly, I figured if I'm publicly posting my progress, it'll help me stay focused a bit and also be able to see how far I have come from the beginning.

Heck, at this point, I don't really have any more content than when I started; however, what I have so far is definitely reflective of an actual game now much moreso than just sprites moving around a little bit.  Seeing that progress helps keep me motivated and I hope your progress can help do the same for you!