Update 2: Adding collision detection, sound effects and more

Okay. This too is a small update but a noticeable one. Aside from updating the background to add the evil villain's castle, I added an attack script, a kneeling script and also scripts for actor (enemy) movement and collision response for when the enemy is attacked. You will see a neat blood burst animation when it dies.

I still need to work on attacking while kneeling. It doesn't seem very straight forward. For some reason, a basic if button B is pressed while holding down is not enough. I will need to sort this out for the next update. Attacking while jumping works great.

I also added sound effects for the weapon being swung and for the enemy bursting into blood.

Aside from working out the attack while kneeling mechanic, I want to incorporate a map with current location when pressing select, the hero's life bar with "if/when attacked" scripts to deplete it until he expires. Maybe that is it. I want to keep these updates simple and not overextend myself.


cob-update-2.gb 128 kB
Apr 13, 2024

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