Update 4: Big Update with cut scenes and a map

So, there are a few notable additions to this update:

1. I now have a cut scene in the beginning of the level. I was inspired by an outline of Ryu from the Gameboy Advance title Super Street Fighter II Turbo: Revival for the main protagonist whose name is now officially revealed: Isaia. Working with the color palettes is definitely challenging since it is on a tile-by-tile basis. Initially, I tried to do this via an overlay layer and I got it working just fine BUT the dialogue box was messing things up. I did find the project, Advanced Menu and Advanced Dialog ver B, which may have fixed that problem, but in the end, it was just easier to make it a separate scene. Who knows, I may revisit this again.

2. I messed with the scene tiles a bit.

3. I added a second scene.

4. For now, I disabled the "second jump" while jumping and in the air.

5. I also added a map which activates on "Select". It deactivates (after removing the location dialogue) when pressing Select or Start. I simply followed this wonderful tutorial. The map scene ALSO shows your current location with a flashing cursor. Note that some may notice that the map designn was borrowed from Castlevania for the NES. Over time, I will make this my own but for now, it was just easier to get something there.

Things to do

1. Optimize/fix collision detection for when player gets hit AND when player attacks the actor. It works but there are some quirks.

2. There is also "a glitch" with the map feature in that, if I kill an enemy or all of the enemies and THEN view the map. Restoring the current state from stack will also respawn those enemies. This doesn't seem right.


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87 days ago

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Very good!! Good job working on it!! Good luck with it!!


Thank you!

You’re welcome!!