Update 3: Added a functional life bar (and a temporary double jump)

In my last update, I had a small TODO list of things I wanted to get done for this update but I decided to postpone 2 (e.g. the map and the attack while crouching) for the next update. I am starting to run very low on sprite tiles for each scene. Memory limitations for the original Gameboy hardware. I am excitedly waiting for the next GB Studio update which will incorporate a Gameboy Color-only mode and in turn, double the amount of sprite tiles I can use. The code is already pushed to the Github repository but I'd rather wait for a stable release.

It is just a shame that the limitation is preventing me from incorporating more user movement tiles and until then I may not be able to appropriately add the "attack while crouching."

So, in this update, you will find a functional life bar that will deplete each time you interact with an enemy. This is followed by a sprite flash and sound effect to let you know that you have been hit (aside from seeing the life bar reduce).

I also added the Double Jump function from the Platformer Plus plug-in. It won't remain enabled when the actual game nears completion as it will end up being an ability enabled after obtaining a special object.


cob-update-3.gb 128 kB
Apr 14, 2024

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